• Babylon Management

    Babylon Management

    To understand artists, to build them up and to accompany them is an art in itself, which cannot be gained by study and which requires a high degree of emotional intelligence.

  • Babylon Music

    Babylon Music

    We provide high quality productions with an international team of star producers, songwriters and unique artists

  • Babylon Film

    Babylon Film

    We provide high quality video productions with a team of renowned German professionals from the film industry. We create music videos, trailers, commercials and feature films independently.  

  • Babylon Digital

    Babylon Digital

    The distribution network covers all the 120 relevant digital music services in over 240 countries.

Our Artists


actress, singer, model


producer, dj


sound designer, producer

Latest News

Babylon World is an independent media production and management company. With the development of unique artists, the company began building a strong team of renowned professionals and has strengthened its infrastructure over the past years to become one of the leading and expanding media companies in Europe.

Babylon World is the home of innovative managers; multiple awarded artists, creative producers and outstanding designers. International clients describe the company as; “the one stop destination for all media needs”.

The basic vision behind Babylon World is to connect people. As long as there are cultural differences between people, there will be a cry for understanding and equality. History has shown us that in bridging different cultures and achieving equality lies a great challenge, as both sides are blinded by misconception and misunderstanding. With talented individuals of different ethnicity, Babylon World finds a way to connect people with the universal language of music and creates a successful bridge with international media productions.


 Artist Management
 Music Production
 Film Production
 Digital Distribution
 Promotion & Marketing
  • I think that music is the key to change this world. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone understands music... - Ramin Seyed